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Go Stain-Free with Cavalier Stain-Less

“There’s no such thing as a plain carpet”

Is there such a thing as a stain-free carpet? Well, alongside believing that “there is no such thing as a plain carpet”, our friends at Cavalier believe their Stain-Less range is just that! It is especially true for their home collection which includes over 28 ranges in hundreds of colours, the majority of which are 100% stain-resistant. From elegant Silken nudes to high-impact Strata stripes, let us walk you through the Cavalier collection so you can see if it is right for your home.

State Of The Art or Wool?

The first thing to understand is what these carpets are made from. That’s why their main collections fall under the 3 main pile types that they use; Wool, Polypropylene and Polyester. In addition, some of the collections also mix these pile contents in varying amounts to enhance their performance.

Although some of you may prefer pure wool underfoot, their man-made ranges are just as sumptuously soft yet 100% bleach cleanable so guarantee to never stain. That is why you can choose either 100% sustainable wool or a state of the art, stain-free carpet. Let’s continue on and explore each of these further.

Stain-less Polypropylene by Cavalier

Abingdon StainFree Carpets in Barnsley

The infamous Stain-less collection includes 8 ranges, as detailed further below in this blog. They fall into 2 groups; Stainless Polypropylene Saxony and Stainless Polypropylene Twist. 

Why Polypropylene by Cavalier?
  • 100% stain resistant
  • Made using state of the art synthetic fibres 
  • Resilient; it can resist everyday wear yet still remain luxurious and soft
  • 100% bleach cleanable
  • 10 Years of Stain and Wear Guarantee
  • 2 ply yarns for extra heavy duty, lasting wear
  • 4m & 5m widths available
  • Moth resistant
  • Great value for lasting luxury

Polyester Silk by Cavalier

silken by cavalier carpets at floormaster

If you want super-soft fibres with that will outlast any other, choose this. It’s Cavalier’s own polyester yarn. Not only is it very stain resistant, but you can be certain of no colour fade. In particular, the Silken collection is one of the newer ranges and brings rich, yet neutral hues and a silk-like quality to floors that require a superior strength carpet.

Why Silken by Cavalier?
  • 100% stain resistant
  • Extra heavy domestic rating
  • Mothproof 
  • 4m & 5m widths
  • 100% bleach cleanable
  • 10 years wear warranty
  • 10 years stain warranty
  • Family friendly

Wool by Cavalier

wool by cavalier carpets

Cavalier’s wool ranges use the ultimate natural raw material. From cleaning and dying to their final quality control checks, Cavalier’s manufacturing process is flawless and a unique combination of art & science. As a result, they have both 100% wool collections as well as wool mix collections. So, whether you want wholy sustainable wool or performance-enhanced wool-blends, the choice is yours.

Why Wool by Cavalier?
  • Stay warmer in winter yet cooler in summer
  • Ultimate luxury and softness underfoot
  • Moderates temperature & humidity
  • Long lasting and retains its bounce
  • Non-allergenic & natural dust filter
  • Fire and flame retardant
  • Eco friendly, sustainable & recyclable
  • British and New Zealand wools

The Cavalier List

With an endless colour selection, the range includes; blues and greys, creams and neutrals, greens, yellows and oranges or reds and pinks. Also, the textures, twists and stripes also offer an array of elegant finishes. So, from velvet, soft creams to vibrant, statement stripey carpets, see below a full list of all 28 collections by Cavalier Carpets. (Click on each link to see the range, correct as of March 2019).

  1. Architect Twist (Wool mix)
  2. Capital Loop (100% Wool)
  3. Cartouche Velvet (Wool mix)
  4. Classic Pinstripe (Wool mix)
  5. Cosmopolitan (Wool mix)
  6. Country Collection (Wool mix)
  7. Criterion Twist (Wool mix)
  8. Envy (Wool mix)
  9. Gemini (Wool mix)
  10. Guildhall Twist (Wool mix)
  11. Icon (Wool mix)
  12. Liberty Twist (Wool mix)
  13. Lupo 100% Wool)
  14. Millstone (100% Wool)
  15. Pennine Heathers (Wool mix)
  16. Provenance (100% Wool)
  17. Shadow Textures (Wool mix)
  18. Silken (100% Stain-resistant Polyester)
  19. Stain-less Definition (Polypropylene)
  20. Stain-less Distinctions Regal (Polypropylene)
  21. Stain-less Distinctions Sovereign (Polypropylene)
  22. Stain-less Distinctions Supreme(Polypropylene)
  23. Stain-less Elements (Polypropylene)
  24. Stain-less Serenity Imperial (Polypropylene)
  25. Stain-less Serenity Regal (Polypropylene)
  26. Stain-less Titan (Polypropylene)
  27. Strata Stripes (100% Wool)
  28. Stria (Polypropylene)

Your Cavalier Carpets Showroom

So, if you wish to see, feel and learn more about Cavalier Carpets then visit us in Barrugh Green, located between Barnsley, Wakefield, Penistone & Huddersfield. As we are home selection specialists we can even bring the samples to your home so you can see them in situ. Whether it is Cavalier you want or any other carpet or flooring solution, drop us a message to book an appointment below or give us a call on 01226 731005.