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Flooring Explainned

Benefits & Differences Between LVT, Laminate, Vinyl & Wood

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The Top 4 Flooring Types Explained

Here, we explore the four most popular flooring types explained to help you choose the best floor for your home. Reveal each floor’s features and benefits and find the best flooring under your feet, from luxury vinyl to affordable laminates.

Faus Flooring Laminate For Cats Masterpieces, Versailles Sahara

Laminate Flooring Explained

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic type of flooring made through the lamination process. It is affordable and usually designed with a photographic-type underlayer beneath a transparent protective layer to look like wood, stone or a decorative design. The inner layers are melamine resin or wood-based fibreboard, so laminate is not generally as waterproof as vinyl.

Cushioned Vinyl by Lifestyle Baroque

Vinyl Flooring Explained

What is vinyl or cushion vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring, or cushion vinyl or sheet vinyl, is another affordable type of water-resistant, soft flooring. It is hardwearing, warm and quiet underfoot and is designed to replicate natural stone, wood, or pattern finishes. Not to be confused with luxury vinyl (which comes in tile or plank form), cushion vinyl is a roll sheet vinyl flooring.
Because it is made from synthetic materials and has multiple cushioned layers, vinyl flooring is waterproof and makes for heavier traffic than laminate. This makes vinyl a better choice for bathrooms, kitchens or hallway areas.

LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring By Floormaster in Karndean Parquet herringbone

LVT Luxury Vinyl Flooring Explained

What is luxury vinyl flooring, or LVT?

LVT stands for luxury vinyl tiles, but luxury vinyl can also be planks. It is manufactured to look and feel like natural stone, wood or tiles through multiple thin, innovative layers. It is softer and warmer and offers better soundproofing than standard vinyl. Each waterproof plank or tile has reinforced wear layers that resist scratches, dents and stains. Another feature of luxury vinyl is that it can be laid in multiple patterns for a bespoke look. Plus, most LVTs are fitted using interlocking click and lock systems, so beyond being watertight, they can be laid over most other flooring types and even be uplifted and moved.

QuickStep Wood For Life CINNAMON RAW OAK EXTRA MATT Parquet

Engineered Wood Flooring Explained

What is engineered wood flooring, or LVT?

Engineered wood flooring is innovative wood modified with a high-quality plywood core under a top layer of hardwood. Developed for maximum comfort and durability, it is thicker and designed to be more durable and maintenance-free than standard hardwood floors. With reinforced wear layers, engineered wood flooring is scratch, dent and stain resistant, and some brands, like Quick-Step Wood For Life, come with lifetime guarantees.
Solid wood can, however, warp if exposed to lots of moisture, so it’s not suitable for kitchens or bathrooms.¬†With its modified composition, engineered wood does not warp or move between boards. This makes engineered wood floors better than hardwood for kitchens or areas prone to moisture.

All Flooring Types Showcased In Yorkshire

There you have it, the four main flooring types uncovered and explained. In summary, laminate is your most affordable choice but is not the longest-lasting or most durable. Cushioned vinyl is again cost-effective and more water-resistant and durable than laminate. However, luxury vinyl or engineered wood is the best for the longest-lasting and most luxurious feel underfoot. Engineered wood is fundamentally hardwood flooring modified to withstand modern living and deliver a classic look. In comparison, luxury vinyl offers bespoke laying patterns and flexibility that will out-style and outlast most other flooring types.

To make the right choice, we recommend visiting your local flooring shop and seeing samples, styles and compositions for yourself. If you are in Yorkshire, why not visit Floormaster near Barnsley – or book our mobile showroom to come to you?