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Long-Lasting Lano Carpets

15 Years Warranty

One of the reasons that we love Lano Carpet Solutions is that their carpets are designed explicitly for long-lasting luxury underfoot. Better still, they even back this up with some of the best warranties in the industry.

We especially love their Pashmina, Pashmina Luxe, Cashmere and Cashmere Luxe ranges.

In fact, Lano is so confident of their luxury feel carpets that they provide a 15 years warranty. Yes, that’s 15 years warranty on stains and wear. We have the whole range of display for you to see at our showroom in Barnsley.

Bleach cleanable, of course

Not only do all of Lano Carpets’ ranges offer the stunning look and feel of luxury for today’s homes, but they also are designed to be cleaned to keep them that way. So you can use bleach on Lano carpets, and they will never fade. These carpets are 100% fully bleach cleanable. For stain-resistant softness that is tough on everyday use, choose Lano!

Colour that won’t fade

Whether you want bold colours, neutral tones, stripes or texture, one thing you can be sure of with Lano is that their colours won’t fade. These Belgium-made carpets are manufactured using cutting edge materials, such as polyamide and polyester, so your chosen tone will last for a lifetime. Plus, they are UV resistant so not even sunlight can discolour your carpet!

A carpet for underfloor heating

If you have underfloor heating but still want the softness of carpet, then Lano is a perfect choice. The Cashmere, Cashmere Luxe, Pashmina and Pashmina Luxe collections are exceptionally well-matched to this. Indeed, most of the Lano range is ideal for laying over heated floors. If you want help choosing the best texture and colour match for underfloor-heated rooms, ask us, your local Lano carpet specialists.

How long will it last?

Lano has designed their carpets to outlast most of the competition, so you can be sure they will offer you the most extended wear. Some people have had Lano carpets for decades. However, the minimum lifespan Lano guarantee is 15 years. Hence, their 15 years wear and stain warranties.

The Lano range

Lano offers a broad range of carpets, for use in every room and home. See below our favourites and a brief overview of them.

Bamboo -This range includes a high percentage of bamboo fibres, which have natural anti-bacterial and humidity regulating properties making them perfect for homes with pets. It is also exceptionally soft to the touch.

Polyamide – Polyamide carpets are the most durability and can be laid in any room. These nylon fibres hold their shape and look new for longer than most other types of carpet.

Halycon 2 Ply – This is our favourite range as it is their most luxurious.  It offers the silkiest of textures and feels like a true Saxony carpet. Its solution-dyed polyester pile ensures that these carpets are ideal for even the most extraordinarily heavy wearing floors. (Range includes: Cashmere, Cashmere Luxe, Pashmina and Pashmina Luxe)

Wool – This is Lano’s biodegradable range, and they source it all from a  renewable source. Still, it is incredibly hardwearing and comfortable.

Eccelena and Eccelena Silk – Made using supersoft Eccelena yarn or Eccelena Silk yarn, Lano’s own sumptuous, highly durable, purpose-made 2-ply yarn. Ranges include; Fairfield Silk, Montana, Montana Silk and many more.

Other favourite collections include Fairfield Supreme and Heathertwist. But if you want something patterned or multi-coloured then try Scala Classic for texture, Venice for a tartan look, Heatherfield Stripe for geometric lines or the Zen ranges for grains, stipples, stripes or twists.

Check out the full range by visiting our showroom near Barnsley or visit Lano’s Website.

Your local Lano showroom

We at Floormaster are home selection specialists when it comes to carpets. And, it does not stop there. We indeed go the extra mile with the installation too, which includes the uplift of your old flooring or carpet, moving furniture and finishing with a wide choice of carpet bars and carpet rods. We will even alter your doors to fit if required.

With endless design options, you can choose anything with us to match your home. From Lano soft-feel carpets to Axminster fine wools, we have all the best carpet brands, see more HERE.

Why not get in touch and arrange to see some samples for yourself? If you want to see them in your own home, our mobile showroom can even bring them to you.