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What Is LVT Flooring?

The Secret Beneath Luxury Floors

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What Is LVT Flooring? LVT Click Guide

What is LVT Flooring?

LVT Flooring stands for luxury vinyl tile. It is a remarkable flooring material that accurately mimics the elegance of stone, wood, or ceramic. It is built to last a long time, requires minimal upkeep, and is made possible by combining advanced technological vinyl layers and realistic photographic print film.

Amtico Signature LVT Flooring With Motif Bespoke Layig Patternin Varnished Oak
And psst… it is every stylish home’s secret luxurious flooring!

What are the best LVT Brands?

The best designer brands are Amtico, Karndean and Harvey Maria. Read on for other budget options.


– High-end brand
– UK made
– Laying pattern choices
– Easy click-locking system
– Designed LVT flooring


– High-end brand
– Laying pattern choices
– Lower entry point range
– More glue-down ranges
– Designer LVT flooring

Harvey Maria

– High-end brand
– UK designers
– Laying pattern choices
– Bespoke designs
– Designer LVT flooring

What are the most affordable LVT Brands?

The most affordable LVT brands are Quick-Step, CORETec, BerryAlloc and PolyFlor.


– Ranges for every budget
– Designed to be super easy to lay
– Perfect for DIYers


– Lifetime warranty
– Super-quiet flooring
– Easy to install and recyclable


– Made for DIYers at a great price point
– Lay and walk the same day
– Adhesive-free and easy to lay



What are the pros and cons of LVT flooring?

Pros of LVT

  • Maintenance free.
  • Easy to lay, usually clicked or glued into place.
  • It can often be laid over existing floors.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Warm underfoot & can be laid over underfloor heating.
  • Can be uplifted and moved with you if you move home.
  • Vinyl flooring is more resistant to scratches than hardwood floors.
  • More fade resistant than wood, so it looks like new for longer.
  • Almost indestructible, it’s moisture-resistant and requires no maintenance.

Cons of LVT

  • Not the real organic material and is often made using artificial fibres or finishes.
  • Slightly more expensive than standard vinyl or laminate flooring.
  • If you use glue to stick down the LVT, you will need a professional to heat-treat the adhesive for any repairs.
  • It’s not completely indestructible and can get marked or scuffed under extreme stress or heavy appliances. But then, what floor is?
  • Almost indestructible, it’s moisture-resistant and requires no maintenance.
  • Some high-end LVT brands, such as Karndean or Amtico, require floor preparation. However, reputable flooring companies like us offer advice and a comprehensive service that includes any essential prep.

LVT Flooring FAQ

What’s the difference between vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring?

Vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring have different installation options and lifespans. Standard vinyl, or cushioned vinyl, is cheaper, thinner, and can last 10 to 15 years, usually installed using adhesives. Whereas luxury vinyl offers floating installation on top of other flooring and is usually installed via interlocking systems to last more than 25 years. Additionally, luxury vinyl possesses innovative top layers for style, texture, and durability, making it the better investment for stylish homes.

Vinyl Vs laminate, what is better?

If cost is key, laminate is usually the cheaper option. However, if water resistance, longevity and durability for years to come are your priority, then vinyl flooring wins every time. Unlike laminate, luxury vinyl is durable and stable, heat and water-resistant, plus vinyl click systems are easy to install and maintain. Another consideration is that laminate flooring is better suited to light traffic homes, as not as hard-wearing as vinyl.

Is vinyl flooring hard to install?

Most luxury vinyl flooring is not hard to install and is ideal for DIYers. For instance, Quick-Step and BerryAlloc use clever LVT click systems where the planks and tiles interlock to create watertight, real-look flooring. Amtico offers LVT Click Smart with rigid core technology, and Karndean likewise with LVT click and lock floors. COREtec was designed with easy installation in mind and uses COREtec® click connections. Proving luxury vinyl is, by design, an excellent choice for straightforward installation.

What is the best parquet or herringbone floor?

LVT or laminates are great for parquet floors. Tap to see PARQUET FLOORING HERE.

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Where to buy the best LVT in Yorkshire?

In summary, luxury vinyl tiles or planks are the modern way to restyle your floors. With jigsaw-like laying patterns, LVT delivers long-lasting, low-maintenance, realistic-looking floors that WOW. Come to our showroom in Yorkshire and explore the style options for yourself!

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