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7 Reasons You Need Cushioned Vinyl

Why Choose Cushioned Vinyl Flooring?

Cushioned floors, otherwise known as vinyl or cushioned vinyl flooring, are an affordable way to makeover your home. Also, being super-silent, 100% waterproof and available in a vast array of designs, they can go anywhere in your home. If you want to learn more about this versatile flooring, why not come upstairs to our second floor at our showroom in Barnsley? In the meantime, here are our Top 7 reasons for choosing cushioned vinyl floors.

1. Slip-Proof

Whether you have an accident-prone family member, an elderly resident or a wet room, cushioned vinyl will help prevent slips and falls. The flooring is treated with a unique, heavy-duty surface layer, which makes it slip-resistant. If you are looking at this vinyl’s technical performance, you ideally want it graded to a minimum of R10. For instance, Tarkett Cushioned Vinyl is slip-resistant for its entire lifetime and offers R10 and R11 safety floor standards, which means it’s the ultimate in slip-proofing.

2. Waterproof flooring

As cushion vinyl is 100% waterproof, it is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways or any space prone to wetness or water use. Being water-resistant, it is effortless to clean and also very comfy for your bare feet. Plus, coming in many colours and styles, you can always match the practical benefits to your own decorations.

3. Germ Proof

If you are a clean freak, then vinyl is your only choice. It has an impervious top layer, which means it is inherently hygienic because there is nowhere for bacteria to hide. Besides, the smooth surface also makes it incredibly easy to clean. So you can be confident that a bathroom or kitchen floor covered with this will be germ-free forever.

4. Family Proof

Do your children sometimes turn your bathroom into a swimming pool? Or maybe they run through the back door leaving muddy footprints behind. Being highly durable yet super-easy to clean, cushioned vinyl is ideal for busy family homes. Plus, the slip resistance makes them a safer choice for little feet and protects your loved ones from unnecessary bumps and bangs. 

5. Pet Proof

Are you looking for a floor that can stand up to wet, dirty, scratchy paws? Then cushioned vinyl is the perfect choice as it is resistant to scratch marks and stains. Also being waterproof and antibacterial, due to a specially formulated easy-clean top layer, it is ideal for everyday accidents, messes and pet hair. Furthermore, the silent nature of this flooring masks the noise of your pet’s paws as they race around your home. Read more about pet-proof floors HERE.

6. Noise Proof

For a more peaceful home, opt for cushioned floors. From walking around in your high-heels to the noise of your children, our cushion vinyl absorbs sound so well that it is up to 50% more silent than comparable floor coverings! That is why it is a perfect choice for busy homes, apartments or other spaces where soundproofing is vital.

7. Dirt Proof

In addition to the benefits above, a cushion vinyl floor is one of the simplest floor coverings to clean. Being protected by a hard PVC wear layer, cushioned vinyl is resistant to staining and dirt. Why not dirt-proof your home today?

The Ultimate in Cushioned Vinyl Flooring

So, in summary, this vinyl flooring is the most inexpensive solution to everything your home can throw at you. It’s tough, affordable and stylish. Plus, it can be cut and fitted to suit even the most awkward of spaces. We at Floormaster are experts at fitting vinyl floors and truly go the extra mile with the installation, which includes the uplift of your old flooring too.

With endless design options, you can choose anything to match your home. From classic wood effects to fun spirals or a sophisticated statement design, anything is possible to create your perfect floor.

The BEST Cushioned Vinyl Brands

For the ultimate in cushioned floors, come and visit us in Barnsley. We have a vast selection of cushion vinyl on our second floor. We hold the largest selection of samples from top brands, including:

Why not get in touch and arrange to see some samples for yourself? If you want to see them in your own home, our mobile showroom can even bring them to you.

If you are considering Cushioned Vinyl for your new floor in Yorkshire, get in touch. Call us or use the contact form below.

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