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Westex Carpets

Westex Carpets

Westex Carpets

Westex Carpets

10 Reasons To Choose Westex Carpets

When it comes to carpets, we know better than anyone that there are a lot of choices out there. Which brand should you choose, and is it sustainable? Will it last the test of time? Can you be sure that the children won’t ruin it? There are many critical factors. After all, a carpet can complete your home!

As carpet specialists for many decades, we feel there is one brand that offers everything you need in wool, Westex Carpets. This locally-based carpet company is renowned worldwide for luxury, durability, sustainability and its excellent colour bank. They have been manufacturing innovative wool carpets since 1977. Here’s why we think Westex is the right choice for you.

(1) The Sustainable Carpet Choice, Made With Premium Wool

If you are looking for the best sustainable carpets, then Westex is a serious contender. Westex is an environmentally conscious company. Their ingeniously sustainable ranges are made from 100% or 80% natural wool, an organic, renewable and responsible material. And, from an animal care perspective, their wool is creature-kind – the sheep require shearing for their welfare.

They use responsibly sourced premium wools with longer fibres to prevent shedding, pilling and matting. Plus, the wool is non-flammable and holds vibrant colours. So, it guarantees your home is safe, your Westex carpet will look and feel newer for longer, and you’ve made a greener choice.  

(2) Yorkshire Based & British Made

We all like to know we are supporting local businesses, so with Westex, you can rest easy. With a Head Office based in West Yorkshire, they make all their carpets in the UK. From design to delivery, they are utterly British-made. So, you can be entirely confident in the quality of their craft.

(3) What Everyone Wants – Stain Resistant Carpets

When it comes to our carpets, the number one fear for most of us is staining. Westex Carpets has invested so much research into developing the ultimate stain-resistant technology. They call it their Stain Resist treatment, applying it to their carpets. This treatment protects your carpet from almost all water & oil-based stains by blocking the spill from penetrating the fibre. Hence, the spillage stays on the surface, so you have time to find your trusted cleaning aid and “hey-presto”, your carpet looks like new!

(4) Long-Lasting Bounce Underfoot With 2 & 3 Fold Yarn

We all want our carpets to be thick and bouncy. That is why Westex uses 2 and 3-fold yarns. These yarns are like a spring and will bounce back with even the most demanding everyday use. So you can be sure that your Westex carpet will give you lasting comfort for many years, no matter how busy your home is.

(5) Award-Winning Pest Protection

If you have ever experienced insect damage to your carpet, you will want to consider Westex. They offer Mothproofing Protection as a standard to safeguard their carpets from moth attacks and other wool-eating insects. Furthermore, it is an Award-winning system and 100% safe. So it poses no harm to us or our environment, just those wool-eating pests!

(6) Ideal For Families With Pets – Protection From Allergies & Odours

Another primary consideration in homes today is allergy and pet-odour protection. Did you know that 45% of us have pets, so keeping your home fresh is vital? How can a Westex carpet help with this? They use an anti-dust mite and Fresh Guard treatment to ensure freshness. It neutralises the stink of even the smelliest dog and stops any build-up of bacteria. So your carpet is protected from rot and nasty whiffs. More importantly, you and your family are safe from allergens and bad smells.

(7) Multiple Widths Available – Ideal for Stairs, Rooms & Halls Of Every Size

Anyone with a small hallway or narrow bedroom will know how difficult it is to buy a carpet to fit your unique space. The great news is that Westex carpets are available in 5 widths; 1m, 3.66m (12ft), 4m, 4.57m (15ft) and 5m. Plus, all widths are an exact colour match. So, you can have a carpet to complete your home without the excess cost of roll-wastage.

(8) Every Spectrum Of The Rainbow, Over 120 Standard Colours

Some of us are daring and bold when it comes to our carpet; others are more demure. That is why Westex offers a colour for everyone. Indeed, their Ultima range offers a massive 120 colour options. If you want a choice regarding colour, then choose Westex.

Westex Colour Chart

(9) Why Not Get A Bespoke Colour-Match?

Even with a vast selection of standard colours, sometimes we still can not find the right match for our homes. Well, good news! Westex also offers a Special Dye colour match service. They have dedicated dye houses and colour technicians that can match any colour. All you have to do is provide a sample; their colour mastery will do the rest. Ask us if you need something more bespoke with your carpet shade.

(10) Super Speedy Delivery

Did we mention that Westex Carpets are based locally in Yorkshire? This means we can ensure rapid delivery of their products locally and nationally. And don’t forget, we at Floormaster offer an extra-caring installation service so you can be confident your new carpet will arrive on time and we will fit it to perfection!

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