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Riviera Home Carpets In Yorkshire

Luxury underfoot made with care for our planet

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Sustainable Carpets By Riviera Home

Discover & Buy Naturally Luxurious Riviera Carpets In Yorkshire

Riviera Home carpets – excellence in eco-friendly carpets.


Natural carpets, planet-friendly processes.

Discover Riviera Home – naturally luxurious carpets for the ultimate in sustainable opulence! Riviera Home are a company that proves we can care for our planet without sacrificing excellence in our homes! Riviera offers on-trend innovative colours, ‘silky-to-the-touch‘ finishes and family-friendly hand-crafted collections. But their top feature is their environmentally friendly ethos – producing biodegradable carpets and using sustainable, natural resources.

Riviera Home Carpet Collections

Riviera Home Florence Wool Carpet

Wool Carpets By Riviera

There are at least 18 collections in their eco-leading renewable and recyclable wool carpet range that includes:

Ben Nevis, Burford, Capri, City Lights, Florence, Grand Piazza, Hamstead, Lake, Milano, Royalty, Snowdon, Verona and more, including Florence (which you can see in this stair and hallway image).

Soft Strand Carpets By Riviera Home in Sandcastle

Soft Strand Carpets

Riviera Home have developed the incredibly ‘silky to the touchSoft Strand yarn. This is a family-friendly favourite and made with a finely spun micro-polyester that they created. This fine Saxony collection has 3 sublimely soft and easy to clean ranges:

Impressions, Reflections and Allure.

Carpet showing; Impressions Sandcastle.

Riviera Home Performance Carpets Quantum Range

Quantum Performance Carpets

Quantum is Riviera’s performance range and their longest lasting and most durable range. It is made using innovative, super-strong, high-performance nylon fibre.

It is soft, resilient and has excellent texture and shape retention, while it also keeps its colour and original appearance.

Carpet showing: Quantum Silver Light.

Chartwell Hand Woven Wool and Tencel Carpet

Chartwell & Luxure Hand-Woven Natural And Mixed Fibre Carpets

The fourth collection by Riviera Home is their Natural and Mixed Fibre carpets.

Chartwell combines the finest New Zealand wool with Tencel fibres and is perfect for heavy use domestic spaces (Chartwell Moleskin is the image you see here).

While the optimally luxurious and aptly named, Luxure uses 100% bamboo fibres. Luxure is super plush and ideal for your special-occasion spaces. However, we don’t recommend Luxure for family or pet rooms – it is designed for eco-friendly wow-factor and not spills!

Luxure Bamboo Carpet By Riviera Home-min

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Or, book one of our mobile showrooms to bring these cutting edge, plush yet eco-friendly samples to you in Wakefield, Sheffield, Rotherham, Huddersfield or anywhere in Yorkshire.

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