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Luxury Underfoot | Stainfree For Life

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Let us introduce you to Abingdon Sophisticat! It’s the latest from their Stainfree collection and begs to be walked on with its silky, bounciness underfoot. Better still, Stainfree Sophisticat showcases 16 stunning colours that will suit every decor, no matter how bold or subtle yours is!

Abingdon Stainfree Sophisticat Retailers In Yorkshire

Furthermore, we have the Abingdon Sophisticat collection on display within both our huge showroom near Barnsley and in all of our mobile showroom vans across Yorkshire. If you’d like to see it for yourself, get in touch. But in the meantime, read on and learn more about this take-off collection!

Why Choose Abingdon Stainfree Sophisticat

super soft abingdon stainfree sophisticat
bleach cleanable abingdon sophisticat stainfree collection
10 year wear guarantee abingdon sophisticat
Abingdon Sophisticat Stainfree fr=or Life

Stainfree Sophisticat For Life

All Abingdon Sophisticat carpets come with their Stainfree guarantee for life. So you can be certain your carpet will always look immaculate!

No matter what spills your Sophisticat carpet faces, this collection comes with state of the art no-stain technology. This means no spillages will enter your carpets pile fibres.

Abingdon Sophisticat in Sapphire Blue

Bleach Cleanable Carpet

With Sophisticat your vibrant, or nude, colours remain like new. Why? Because it is bleach-cleanable.

Not only does this carpet collection look stylish, but it is also resilient enough to cope with the busiest of homes. And if you need to get the bleach out to remain a tricky spill, this carpet will love it.

Stainfree Sophisticat Grey Collection

Silky Soft Underfoot

What makes Abingdon Sophisticat an instantly popular choice is how soft it feels underfoot. Yet being designed for the modern world, it is also made to last.

But while it is long-lasting, there is no compromise on luxury and feel. By combining technology and the finesse of fine fibres, Sophisticat is made using “Silk Tech PP yarn.” This means it is ultra-soft to walk on but still tough, bleach-cleanable and stain-resistant.

Sophisticat Rioja Carpet, Sophisticat Gold Carpet & Sophisticat Cotton Carpet

Abingdon Sophisticat Has 16 Colours

With a range of solid colours including reds, golds, nudes, greys, blues and minks one of these is the perfect timeless match for your home. Because these on-trend, modern colours were developed with every modern home in mind.

abingdon stainfree sophisticat cat, made in britain

Carpets Made In Britain

Buying British has never been so important. And by important, we mean both from an ethical and availability point of view.

That’s why it’s reassuring to know that Abingdon Carpets are a British company with factories across England and Wales.

Buy British, choose Abingdon!

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