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Looking for a UK based carpet manufacturer who can offer wool, stain-resistance and a rainbow-sized spectrum of colours, weights and textures? Then you should consider Mr Tomkinson Carpets by Manx Tomkinson. And with ranges named after Caribbean islands and idyllic country paradises, these carpets invite themselves to be the retreat under your feet!

Who are Manx Tomkinson?

In 2017 two northern carpet makers joined forces; namely Mr Tomkinson and Manx Tomkinson. Together, they are fast becoming one of the leading suppliers of residential carpet in the UK. So Manx Tomkinson is the company behind Mr Tomkinson Carpets.

Why choose Mr Tomkinson / Manx Tomkinson Carpets?

Now, when it comes to their carpets, there are 3 ranges:
First is Luxurious Wool; their world-leading research team combines the natural benefits of wool with stain-resistant technology.
Next, there is Easy Living; their bleach cleanable polypropylene, Saxony carpets. Finally, there is Allure; iSense nylon, super soft for an extremely luxurious look and feel.
Why choose them? Well, with all 3 you get a cosy, natural feeling underfoot that won’t stain and will last and last!

How long will their wool carpets last?

Mr Tomkinson by Manx Tomkinson, provides top quality, affordable wool carpets that should last 8-10 years before you begin to consider a replacement. And their innovative iSense and PP carpets will last even longer.

What warranty do Mr Tomkinson Carpets have?

Mr Tomkinson offers different warranties on their ranges. But mainly, all their carpets in their Easy Living Range come with a Lifetime Stain Warranty.
Whereas their Luxurious Wool is covered by WOW Programme which covers an initial 12 months but can be extended.

Mr Tomkinson Carpets Luxurious Wool Twist in Tomkinson Plains

Buy Mr Tomkinson Carpets In Every Colour

Among their 3 main ranges (outlined below), their collections come in every shade of the rainbow. They offer bold, on-trend silky solid colours and a plethora of neutrals, whites and greys.

For instance; in their Tomkinsons Plains collection (part of the Luxurious Wool Range) there are 20 shades!

We have the full collection in store for you to see. Or book a home visit and see it in your desired room?

Here Are The 3 Ranges By Mr Tompkinson Carpet



  • British made
  • 100% wool ranges & 50/50 wool twist
  • WOW Warranty
  • Long lasting
  • Flame retardant
  • Dirt resistant
  • Includes; Bowland, Cadiz, Berber, Plains, Tomkinson Twist & more.



  • Lifetime Stain Warranty
  • Easy to maintain carpets
  • Bleach-cleanable
  • Saxony carpets, names after the Caribbean & paradise islands
  • Includes; Antigua, Aruba, Jamaica, St Kitts and more.



  • The ultimate, softest carpet range
  • Hard-wearing yet silky underfoot
  • Made with a special iSense nylon, Polyamide fibre for luxury and durability
  • Includes; Desire, Extravagance, Indulgence & Opulence


When you are ready to start looking at your new carpet, why not try our Mobile Showroom – let us bring the carpets and floors safely to you! Scroll down to send us a message or click the bottom left on our messenger.

Also, we offer one of the best fitting services in the region. Because we go that extra mile in moving furniture and disposing of old floor coverings, 99% of our customers come back or recommend us!

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