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Quick-Step Vinyl Alpha Range

Quick-Step Alpha 100% Waterproof

NEW - Alpha Vinyl By Quick-Step

Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl

NEW – Alpha Vinyl By Quick-Step Floor Designers

Quick-Step has launched a new vinyl floor collection called Alpha, and it is stunning! Alpha showcases the latest innovation in long-lasting, high-performance floors by this leading floor design brand. It is one of Quick-Step’s toughest collections and promises to be longer-lasting, dues to its ultra-strong core finish and unique top layer. So not only is it impenetrable to water, but it is scratch-proof and stain-proof.

Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Planks & Tiles At Floormaster Barnsley

Alpha By Quick-Step – FAQ

So, why is everyone so excited about Alpha by Quick-Step? Well, apart from being graded as one of the highest performance floor ranges in the Quick-Step range, it looks authentically real. In fact, it is difficult by sight or by touch to tell this floor is not real wood or stone.

But is this rigid vinyl floor for you? Read on, here are some more questions and answers to help.

What is Quick-Step Alpha flooring?

The Alpha collection is rigid, high-performance vinyl flooring. Available in planks or tiles, they possess the look and feel of real wood and stone. As one of the newest products in Quick-Step’s range, it showcases the latest in floor innovation & style.
quick-step alpha wood

Is Quick-Step waterproof?

Yes, most of Quick-Step’s range is water-resistant but Alpha is 100% waterproof. This is achieved by combining their innovative HydroSeal top layer with their advanced watertight click system. So not only is it waterproof, it’s impenetrable to water getting underneath too.quick-step alpha is 100% waterproof

What is the tougest floor vinyl for homes?

Alpha Vinyl by Quick-Step has to be up there as one of the toughest floor coverings on the UK market. Which makes it ideal for energetic and busy households. Its strength comes from an ultra-strong core and an ultra-resistant top layer. So Alpha Vinyl can handle extreme drops, scratches and stains. tougest vinyl floor, quick-step alpha vinyl

Does Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl require any floor prep?

No, Quick-Step Alpha requires no floor prep. In fact, it can be laid over uneven floors, even if there is thick grout. This is what makes Alpha ideal for renovation projects, it is hassle-free! On top of that, the Quick-Step Uniclic system makes Alpha Vinyl super-easy to install. quick-step vinyl fitting

Do Quick-Step offer matching accessories or skirting boards?

Yes, Quick-Step offers everything for a perfect floor. Indeed, they are one of the few manufacturers that offer skirting boards that match perfectly with your floor. Their accessories include underlays, installation tools, colour-matched skirtings, pipe covers and waterproofing finishers. All of which we can help you source for your project.
quick-step skirtings match floor

Alpha Vinyl Flooring – New & Exclusive At Floormaster

So now you know more about the latest launch from Quick-Step, why don’t you come and see this high-performance flooring for yourself at Floormaster Yorkshire today? We are one of the few Quick-Step preferred suppliers in the region to showcase this range.

Get in touch to book a showroom visit, or let us bring Quick-Step Alpha to you in our COVID-safe Mobile Showroom?

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