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Renu Underlay For A Sustainble Floor

98% Recycled
100% Recyclable

Renu Underlay, The Sustainable Choice

Choose Sustainable Recycled Underlay For Your Floor

Made from 98% recycled materials RENU® uses ethically sourced and genuinely recycled materials; keeping waste from landfill and is 100% recyclable itself.

RENU by Interfloor

We Supply Sustainable Underlay – Renu Retailers In Yorkshire

If you want to make a sustainable choice for your floor, consider renu® underlay. It offers you a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to standard flooring and carpet underlay options. After all, now is the time to protect our planet for future generations.

Renu is a brand that has created luxury underlay from waste. We are now recommending renu® sustainable and recycled underlay to all our customers. And you can buy renu underlay in-store at Floormaster Yorkshire in Barnsley.

Reasons To Choose renu Underlay

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1. renu®is upcycled from the foam of pre-loved soft furnishings – reducing landfill by 167k tonnes each year.

2. The sustainable sweetener is that the face of the underlay is made from responsibly sourced sugar cane – a carbon-negative material!

3. The backing is 100% recycled – it is made of unbleached 100% recycled paper!

4. Another carbon footprint benefit is that renu®is made in the UK by a British company.

5. A key point is beyond an innovatively green production process, renu®offers you a green future -you can recycle it at the end of its life!

6. There is no compromise on quality – the underlay conforms to British Standard for luxury use at 160kg per meter³.

Buy renu Underlay Near You

When it comes to your floor and our planet, it is what’s underneath that counts. So, if you want high performance, ultra-quiet and ultra-soft comfort underfoot, take a sustainable step with renu®. Contact us today to learn more or buy renu underlay.

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