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Stain Proof Carpets

The Best Stain Proof Carpets

What’s The Best Stain Proof Carpet?

This is a question we often hear; “what are the best stain proof carpets?” And with so many great brands, colours and finishes to choose from, it’s a difficult decision. Let us explore what makes a carpet stain-resistant, and then we will reveal our current top 2 picks in unstainable carpets!

Abingdon Stain Proof Carpets

What makes a carpet stain proof?

Firstly, there are 2 main options; natural stain resistance or artificial stain resistance.

Natural stain resistance refers to the organic, raw fibre that naturally repels stains. For instance, wool is naturally tough and stain-resistant.

Artificial stain resistance occurs through using chemical finishes or scientifically modified fibres. For instance, polypropylene and nylon are the leading carpet fibres for stain-proofing.

Check out our top 2 carpet picks below and why we recommend them!

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Our Top Stain Resistant Carpets


Man-made stain resistance

ARTIFICIAL – Why we recommend Abingdon

  • The Stainfree collection is made using polypropylene technology (but Abingdon also have nylon and wool ranges).
  • All carpets come with the Stainfree For Life Guarantee
  • Bleach cleanable carpets
  • Choose from different widths for any space
  • Available in checks, heathers, solid colours, neutrals tones & twist piles finishes
  • Made in Britain so readily available


Natural wool stain resistance

NATURAL – Why we recommend Brockway

  • Wool carpets that are naturally stain resistant
  • Choose from 100% wool or their wool mixes with nylon or polypropylene, for additional stain resistance
  • The sustainable, organic choice underfoot
  • Choose from different widths for any space
  • Available in plains, bold colours, stripes, checks, heathers, tweeds, neutrals and more finishes.
  • Made in Britain so readily available

What’s Your Stain Proofing Choice?

While no carpet or flooring can be absolutely 100% stain-proof, choosing a carpet with stain-resistant qualities will definitely help. These qualities will make it easier to remove any stains quickly and without permanent damage. And when it comes to choosing the right stain-proof carpet for you, we recommend that you look toward either artificial fibres or natural wool fibres.

In conclusion, the choice is yours; for innovative modern technology, choose polypropylene or be eco-conscious and pick wool for sustainability.

If you are ready to see our stain-beating carpet collections, get in touch to arrange a home visit. Alternatively, if you are near Barnsley why not pop by and see them for yourself in our showroom?

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