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100% Waterproof Laminate

BerryAlloc Laminate Floors

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Waterproof Laminate By BerryAlloc

See & Buy BerryAlloc Laminate Floors In Yorkshire

BerryAlloc Luxury Vinyl
100% Waterproof Laminate & 100% Stainproof Laminate

100% Waterproof Laminate

With colours inspired by nature and design inspired by life, BerryAlloc laminate is 100% waterproof flooring and is available to see at Floormaster Yorkshire. BerryAlloc is focused on sustainability, but also fun, and their market-leading waterproof laminate will turn any room into a carefree zone.

Berry Alloc Vintage_Chateau_Herringbone_Merbau_Brown_Laminate

100% Waterproof Laminate By BerryAlloc + More Benefits

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install snap-in-place system
  • Great with underfloor heating
  • Fade-free, UV-resistant and stainproof
  • Authentic-look woods in every shade
  • Guaranteed to last a lifetime.
Berry Alloc lifetime warranty
Domestic Lifetime Warranty
Water Resistant Flooring
Underfloor Heating Compatible
BerryAlloc Laminate In Gyant Light Natural

Lifetime cosiness with premium laminate floors.

BerryAlloc Laminate For Waterproof Bathroom Floors

Is laminate suitable for bathrooms?

Yes, laminate has a protective, waterproof top surface, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms, shower rooms and any room that will likely get a wet floor!

Is BerryAlloc laminate 100% waterproof?

Yes, BerryAlloc laminate planks are fully waterproof due to their market-leading innovative surface combined with their market-leading hydro+ water-repellent coating that protects the plank edges. The result is a 100% water-resistant floor.

Luxury Herringbone Laminate Flooring

BerryAlloc Laminate Herringbone Floor With Dog
Can you do a herringbone floor with laminate?

Yes, BerryAlloc laminate is a perfect choice for herringbone design floors. BerryAlloc laminate flooring comes in various plank sizes and laying patterns in multiple colours to mix and match floors for a unique look in multiple colour shades.

The Best Laminate For Pets

A Pawsome Floor Laminate By BerryAlloc With Cat
Is laminate flooring suitable for pets?

This laminate is an ideal choice for homes with pets. Its scratchproof, waterproof and noise-proof properties will keep your pets calm and your home tidy and clean.
So your home stays petproof, no matter how active, messy or timid your pets are.

The Best Laminate For Children

Waterproof laminate flooring for kids by BerryAlloc in Teak Brown
What is the best flooring for family homes?

Transform your home with BerryAlloc; one of the best laminate flooring for children or family homes. Its softness, noise-reducing properties, and warmth create a welcoming and peaceful home. Your child’s toys won’t scratch it, spilt drinks won’t damage it, and even mud can be easily cleaned. Perfect for party homes with high foot traffic, this flooring is 100% water-resistant, stain-resistant, and requires minimal maintenance. Bring comfort and beauty to your home with this fantastic choice.

Waterproof Laminate In Every Wood Shade

BerryAlloc Laminate

Chestnut White

BerryAlloc Herringbone Laminate


This range of mix-and-match laminates comes in a wide range of nature-inspired shades that you can mix and match, for instance, white planks and with java brown dark wood, or keep the same tone throughout. The laying patterns include Herringbone, Shipdeck, Ladder and Mosaic designs from any of their colour ranges:

  • Whites
  • Greys
  • Light natural woods
  • Natural wood
  • Dark woods
BerryAlloc Laminate Bedroom

Buy BerryAlloc Laminate Near Me

Buy BerryAlloc Laminate in Yorkshire at Floormaster – visit our showroom in Barnsley. We are near Wakefield, Huddersfield & Sheffield areas and easily accessible from the M1.

Or, book one of our mobile showrooms to bring the samples to you anywhere in Yorkshire.

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