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Water Resistant Floors For Pets

Scratch Resistant Floors For Pets

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The Best Waterproof Flooring For Pets

Are you looking for waterproof flooring for pets? Or the best flooring for dogs and cats? Many great options are available for pet-proof floors, ranging from designer luxury by Amtico or Karndean to mid-range Quick-Step or more budget-minded laminates. However, your best choices are laminates or vinyl. Among all the brands we have in our showroom, there are 5 that stand out for homes with pets.

Before we show you more about these top 5, let’s explore what features make the best flooring for dogs or cats.

What makes a floor pet-proof?

What features make a floor suitable for pets?

Good question: what makes a floor ideal for pets? Here are the main elements to look for:

Claw-proof and scratch-resistant – Look for some scratch-resistant treatment or layers. For example, Quick-Step uses “Scratch Guard” treatments to make their floors up to 10 times more scratch-resistant. So they are hard-wearing, scratch-resistant, and ideal for dogs, cats, and other pets’ paws and claws.

Waterproof and wet-paw resistant – Choose waterproof or specially treated water-resistant floors. Some flooring brands guarantee up to 24-hour spill guarantee. So you always have time to clean up those dog bowl spills or kitten accidents without worrying about water damage to your floor. Pet-proof flooring, indeed!

Easy to low and mud-proof – Choose a range designed to last. A pet-designed floor should be equipped with protective top layers so your floor will keep its good looks for years to come. No matter how many muddy paws patter upon it, it must be fade-resistant for a lifetime. But also it must be super-easy to clean!

Soundproof and noisy-paw resistant – Do your acoustic research and choose your flooring to minimise unwanted noise. It’s not just to prevent the thuds and echos from lively or heavy animals and the pitter-patter of paws but also to reduce anxiety and clatter for nervous pets. So, humans, felines and canines can always relax in silence, no matter who is running riot.

Slip-free and fast paw resistant – Whether chasing cats or dashing after dogs, you want to ensure that you and your pet are safe and slip-free. Choose slip-resistant or slip-proof floors, a feature usually combined with waterproofing. Make sure you choose both for the perfect floor for your pet.

What Are The Top 3 Waterproof Floors For Dogs, Cats & Other Pets?

What are the best waterproof floors for dogs or cats?

These are six popular choices regarding the best floors for pets: Amtico, BerryAlloc, Quick-Step (laminate or vinyl), Faus or Lifestyle laminate and Harvey Maria luxury vinyl. They are all scratch-resistant, waterproof, durable, noise-reducing and slip-resistant.

The Six Top Floor Brands For Homes With Pets

Amtico Flooring

Hi-end pet flooring


100% Waterproof laminate

FAUS Laminate

Artisan laminate from Spain

Harvey Maria

Luxury vinyl for pets

Lifestyle Laminate

Affordable pet-proof floors


Mid-range pet-proof floors

Luxury Flooring For Pets For Every Budget

Just because a floor is practical does not mean it has to sacrifice elegance, which is why all the five brands above offer various flooring finishes, colours and shades—something for every room in your home. Being soft and warm, these eye-catching laminates and vinyl flooring collections feel delightful underfoot for feet and paws of every size.

Wood-Look Flooring For Homes With Pets

For a look as authentic as wood without the high maintenance, you should try Quick-Step. This remarkably rustic-looking flooring is ideal for pets, children and all busy homes. To learn more, check out our Quick-Step Livyn blog HERE.

Call us to arrange a viewing, or pop into our showroom today. Alternatively, let us bring the range to you in our mobile showroom. Then, should you choose one of our ranges, let us make your life easier. Our renowned fitting team will remove your old flooring, prepare your base to perfection and fit your chosen pet-proof flooring. This way, we do the hard work, and you and your pets can enjoy your new floor.

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