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Buy British Carpets In Yorkshire

Best Of British Carpets & Flooring

With current import and supply issues at the forefront of everyone’s minds, buying British has never been so popular. It supports our local economy and brings with it many benefits such as fast delivery, high-quality materials and prompt service levels.

So read on, discover the best selection of readily available British-made carpets and flooring!

Take A Look At Our Popular UK Ranges

So, without further delay, here are our most popular UK-made brands:

Abingdon Carpets

Does Abingdon Flooring make British Carpets?

Yes, Abingdon Flooring is a British-based carpet manufacturer with multiple locations across the UK.

Are they bleach cleanable?

Yes, Abingdon Carpets are bleach cleanable and they offer 5 to 15 wear years warranties. There is even a range that boasts a “Stainfree for life” guarantee!

Adams Carpets Retailers Yorkshire Showroom

Adam Carpets

Are Adam Carpets British-made carpets?

Yes, Adam Carpets use premium British wools and make luxury plain, stripes and textured carpets in Kidderminster.

Are they made to last?

Yes, Adam Carpets believe wool is the best underfoot so they use the finest wools that last, resist stains and hold their colour and density for years to come. “Stainfree for life” guarantee!

brintons british carpets

Brintons Carpets

Are Brinton Carpets made in Britain?

Yes, Brintons is a British manufacturer of carpets. Their British roots date back to their first factory which was established in Kidderminster in 1820. And with a Royal Warrant Award, they couldn’t be more British!

Is wool stain-resistant?

Being a leading wool carpet manufacturer, all of Brintons range is naturally stain-resistant. This is due to the protective naturally waxy coating on wool fibres, so stains don’t stick. Come, see examples at our showroom?

brockway british carpets

Brockway Carpets

Are Brockway Carpets British-made?

Yes, Brockway has been designing and manufacturing premium carpets in Kidderminster since 1964.

Are Brockway Carpets stain-resistant?

Some of their range is, Yes. Although their 100% wool ranges are treated specifically to minimise stains, I would look at their polypropylene blends for the best stain resistance.

Cavalier Carpets

Cavalier Carpets

Are Cavalier Carpets made in Britain?

Yes, Cavalier Carpets are designed and manufactured in Britain with the ethos “there’s no such thing as a plain carpet!

Is there a stain-free Cavalier range?

Yes, Cavalier offer both wool and polypropylene blends. In fact, Cavalier’s Stain-Free range comes with a free 10-year guarantee against stains.

kingsmead stair runner

Kingsmead Carpets

Do Kingsmead Carpets Use British Wool?

Yes, Kingsmead Carpets use British wools and have their own distribution teams in the UK. So their wool, wool mix and Clean Easy collections are readily available.

Where can I see Kingsmead Carpets near me?

You can see Kingsmead Carpets at our showroom in Barnsley, or we can bring samples to you anywhere across Yorkshire.
See a plethora of neutrals, stripes and vibrant bold carpets at affordable prices.
Or, if you want a sumptuous feel, try their try our Luxurious Saxonies, featuring their “Everlon” polypropylene fibre.

Amtico British LVT Flooring

LVT by Amtico

Is Amtico Flooring made in the UK?

Yes, their Amtico Signature Luxury Vinyl Tile range is designed and made in Britain at their specialist factory in Coventry.

Is Amtico Flooring stain-resistant?

Yes, in fact, they offer a Lifetime Warranty on their British-made Signature Range and the tiles are impervious to water! Amtico states that their design-led Signature range offers infinite possibilities. From colours to laying patterns, they offer a style that lasts.

victoria carpets proudly made in the UK

Victoria Carpets

Are Victoria Carpets a British company?

Yes, since 1895 Victoria Carpets is one of Britain’s best-known and respected carpet brands. They even hold a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen

Are Victoria Carpets stainproof?

Yes, their Easicare range is bleach-cleanable and comes with a 15 years stain and wear-resistant warranty. They have other ranges that hold 10 years warranties so it’s worth asking which range is best for your needs.

Westex Carpets Made In The UK

Westex Carpets

Are Westex Carpets a UK company?

Yes, Westex carpets actually operate across 3 UK manufacturing sites. So all their carpets and LVT real-wood effect flooring ranges are made in the UK. Learn more about Westex Carpets HERE.

What is Westex Stain-Resist?

Westex applies their Stain Resist treatment to all of their carpets. It protects the carpet from spills and stains for at least 5 years. Although this brand is not recommended for bleach cleaning.

Choose British Carpets For Faster Delivery

When you choose a UK-made carpet or floor you will benefit from faster manufacturing and transport times. So you will get speedier delivery and fitting. For instance, when you buy British with us, you can have your new carpet or flooring within a matter of days.

Buy British

So there you have it. In summary, there is a huge choice of British-based carpet and flooring ranges. So you can Buy British with confidence.

For more advice on the best carpet or flooring for your home, get in touch today. We offer free measuring, unbeatable fitting and no sales pressure. So it’s easy to see why we come highly recommended!

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