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New Carpet For Christmas

There's still time to get your new carpet for Christmas in Barnsley & nearby. Call 01226 731005

New Carpet For Christmas

Buy & Fit Your New Carpet In Time For Christmas

Are you looking for a new carpet for Christmas? The festive season is almost upon us and, as it comes closer, some of you may worry that there isn’t enough time to deliver and fit your new carpet. But help is at hand, here at Floormaster.

Mostly, as carpet masters, we know which carpets can be delivered quickly. Furthermore, we have a vast range of these carpet brands on display so you can see them at our showroom. Alternatively, we can bring the samples to you in our mobile showroom any time, any day to suit you. In summary, we are prepared and ready to help you find and fit your new carpet in time for Christmas.

Our Carpets Brands Ready For Christmas

Below are a selection of our best selling brands that arrive quickly, but we have 1000’s more to suit every taste and budget. Once you place your order, these carpets below can be made and delivered within a week. Then it’s handed to our team of expert fitters and scheduled for a swift and precise fitting appointment to suit you. We handle all of the fine details, so you don’t have to worry.

westex carpet in time for christmas

Westex Carpets

Because Westex Carpets are made in the UK, they offer super speedy manufacture and delivery.

Ulster Carpets For Christmas

Ulster Carpets

Most of Ulster Carpets ranges are manufactured in County Armagh, Ireland so are produced nearby. You can even speed things up by ordering your samples online HERE. Then just place your order with us for delivery and fitting.

lifestyle carpets for christmas

Lifestyle Carpets

Being based in the Midlands, Lifestyle can provide fast delivery, ensuring your carpet arrives for Christmas. Plus being part of the Headlam Group, we also can source their sibling brands; JHSManx Tomkinson  and Gaskell Woolrich

cavalier carpets for christmas

Cavalier Carpets

Cavalier is a leading British manufacturer who can create your new carpet with speed. And with their motto ‘there’s no such thing as a plain carpet’ you know you will get a special carpet for Christmas.

Brockway Carpets Orion Gliese Wool Cosy Carpet

Brockway Carpets

Bringing you the ‘home of wool carpet,’ Brockway are British wool carpet-masters. Better still, in addition to a carpet that will arrive fast, you can pre-order colour samples. So you can make your carpet selection at home then call us to finalise your carpet. Order your Brockway Carpet samples HERE.

Abingdon Carpet for christmas

Abingdon Carpets

Abingdon is yet another British carpet maker, making over 14 millions sq meters of carpet a year. So you can be sure that they know all about speedy delivery. This also applied to samples, as Abingdon also offer an online sample service. Pre-Order your Abingdon samples HERE. Then call us with your decision. Or pop in and see the samples at our showroom.

Carpet Fitting All Wrapped Up!

With Floormaster, you don’t get just great carpets. You also get the best carpet fitting service. Did you know that we uplift and dispose of your old carpet, or floor covering? Something that some fitters won’t do. Also, we plain down doors to fit, happily move your furniture and give the new carpet a clean before we leave. We go that extra mile to make your fitting as stress-free and flawless as possible.

The best bit is that we have a large team. So once you’ve placed your order, you can be sure that one of our expert fitters can fit your carpet for Christmas. Indeed, we have carpet fitting all wrapped up!

There’s Still Time!

What are you waiting for? The Christmas clock is ticking so call us or pop in and see us at our showroom in Barugh Green, near Barnsley. We have all of the above brands on display plus many, many more. And don’t forget, if you can’t find the time within our showroom hours then we can always make a home visit. So if you’d like to get in touch, scroll down to the contact form below or call us!

Looking for flooring and not carpet?

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Visit our showroom in Barnsley or let us bring the mobile showroom to you, anywhere across Yorkshire.

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