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Choosing Your Carpet For Every Budget

Carpet Types Explained

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What To Look For When Choosing Carpets

What should you look for when choosing your carpet? What are the best carpets, what are they made from, and what carpet is best for your budget? From luxury comfort underfoot to cost-conscious wool carpets, here we reveal everything you need to know to choose the right carpet!







Carpet Types Explained

Before we explore carpet budgets, let us first explore carpet types and carpet fibres.

What are the main types of carpets?

Carpets can be man-made (such as nylon), organic (wool, for example) or a hybrid mix of synthetic & organic materials. There are 5 main compositions of carpets: Wool, nylon (also known as polyamide), polyester, polypropylene and then there is the modified mix. A mix that combines the performance characteristics of polyester, nylon, polypropylene or wool together for durability and stain resistance.

What are the softest carpets?

The softest carpets are usually made from nylon or wool. You can see nylon and wool carpets in ranges from Axminster, Comar, Abingdon, Penthouse, Brockway, Ulster, Brintons and Cavalier Carpets.

What are tufted carpets?

The majority of UK carpets produced today are tufted. It’s the manufacture and finish that defines a tufted carpet – textured with loops, weaves or twists, they are stuck to a secondary backing for extra strength and stability. Tufted carpet substyles include Twists, Berbers, looped piles, flatweaves, saxonies, shag-piles and also short-dense pile velvets. 

What are the main carpet types?

There are two main types of carpet in the UK – tufted and woven. Tufted are the most widespread composition, whereas woven are the more exclusive and expensive.

What are woven carpets?

Woven carpets are upmarket, luxury-feel carpets with fibres woven into the backing to create a softer, more velvet-like finish. Woven carpet styles include Axminster, Wilton and flat weaves. The style leader in woven British-made carpets is Axminster Carpets.

What are the best stain-resistant carpets?

The best stainproof carpets contain polypropylene or nylon. Polypropylene carpets are so stain-resistant that you can bleach-clean them. See more about stainproof carpets in our blog about The Best Stainproof Carpets.

Now we understand the compositions and styles of carpets, let us examine the brands for every budget!


The Top 3 Budget Carpets

The Most Affordable Carpets

FloorLove Carpets Showroom
floorlove carpets, affordable wool carpets for family

FloorLove Budget Wool Carpets

  • Budget wool carpets that are super soft
  • British-made carpets
  • Loop pile and cut pile wool tufted carpets
furlong flooring carpets retailer Floormaster Yorkshire

Furlong Flooring Elegant Twist Carpet

  • Bleach-cleanable polypropylene carpet
  • British-made carpets with something for every budget
  • 10-year guaranteed tufted carpets
Lano Stainfree Neutral Carpets

Lano Carpets

  • Long-lasting budget carpets, guaranteed for 15 years
  • European-made carpets
  • Wool, bamboo, nylon and polypropylene tufted carpets.

Mid-Range Priced Carpets

The Most Popular Carpets UK

carpet shop near me in Barnsley
Adam Carpets Boutique PN05

Adam Carpets

  • Luxury wool carpets for every budget
  • British-made carpets in flamboyant patterns or soft neutrals
  • Wool and wool-mix wool tufted carpets
Cavalier Carpets Silken, Mulberry

Cavalier Carpets

  • British-made stainless carpets
  • Tufted wool, polypropylene and polyester super-soft carpets
  • Cavalier follows the mantra, “there is no such thing as a plain carpet”
Victoria Carpets Natureborn Burford Twist

Victoria Carpets

  • Yorkshire-made carpets with a Roal Warrant.
  • NaturBorn, Luxuria and EasiCare ranges
  • Woven, tufted and Axminster carpet collections.

High-End Luxury Carpets

The Most Exclusive Carpets

Axminster Shoreditch Jitterbug in Mid Grey
Riviera Home Carpets In Yorkshire, Wool Lake Collection

Riviera Carpets

  • Sustainable luxury wool carpets
  • Handwoven flat-weave carpets
  • Sustainable carpets for eco-focused homeowners
Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpets

  • Premium innovative UK-leaders in woven Axminster and Wilton carpets
  • The softest and most stylish carpet collections
  • UK-made luxury carpets
Axminster Devonia Plain Living Room Carpet Dragonfly

Axminster Carpets

  • Britain’s oldest and most prestigious carpet brand
  • Bouncey, warm, extravagant and finely crafted woven carpets
  • Longlasting British pile-yarn wool carpets

Modern Patterned Carpets

The Most Fun Carpets For Your Home

Quirky B Fair Isle Alternative Flooring Quirky Margo Selby Fair Isle Annie Carpet

If style is your main objective, then one brand you should pop on your radar is Alternative Flooring!

Margo Selby Striped Carpet in Frolic Minnis Carpet, Alternative Carpets

Alternative Flooring

  • Quirky and extrovert carpet styles that make every room pop!
  • Trend-setting carpets for fun homes
  • UK-made tufted and woven carpet collections

In Conclusion, What’s The Best Carpet For My Budget?

When it comes to your carpet, the best advice we can give you is to go to a carpet shop, like ours in Yorkshire, and feel them for yourself. Whether you choose the optimum luxury carpets with a woven collection or a more affordable tufted carpet, the look and feel underfoot matters – something you can only define with your senses. 

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